Carb Counter

If you’re just started on the LCHF lifestyle you might find pleasure in counting your intake of carbohydrates during a day. Especially until you’re familiar with your LCHF meals, and what they actually consist of carb-wise.
The best solution will be to get an app on your phone. There are lots of very good apps that easily create your total carb intake just by currently adding what you eat.

Do I need a Carb Counter?

We are living in a world, where carbohydrates are part of almost all we eat and drink. Getting used to the LCHF ways of living, and lowering our intake of carbs respectively increasing your intake of healthy fat, you will find such a carb counter or an app most helpful. I will recommend that you stay aware of your choices more than counting the calories and carbs in your food. Please find help in this simple guide.

Well, the complexity of the matter is the overall picture. We have seen low-carb diets many times before. Back in the nineteen seventies most people followed official validated rules of lowering the fat intake based of partly the discovery of the cholesterol of the type LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein). We got all the light- and fat-reduced products that unexpectedly gave us problems with sugar and additives just to make the food taste of something as the taste often lies in the fat. We can call this artificial food for the processed food. I’ll write about the cholesterol matters later.

Facts About Carbs

high carb lifestyle causes a high blood sugar level as the carbs you eat are transferred into glucose. The pancreas produces insulin to send the blood sugar into our cells and muscles providing energy. Quite quickly though the blood sugar lowers and sends signals to the brain craving more, which is why we often feel hungry shortly after our meals whilst following a high carb diet. This explains why people nowadays eat all the time (which is a minor generalisation :)) So much craving for sugar and snacks, and the result is solely a more frequent hunger feeling and increased weight.

After I started out on the LCHF lifestyle back in 2014, I only eat twice a day. From time to time I enjoy a snack of cheese or chorizo with my coffee – or simply a lovely fat coco/butter coffee, but that’s it!

If you want to control your daily carb intake use the app. If you don’t need a weightloss here and now, you might just adapt to the LCHF lifestyle by sticking to these rules;

  • No grains, starch, flour, corn, sugar, and no fat-reduced products. Avoid additives.
  • No beer, sorry about that. Wine is OK.
  • Eat all you want of meat, vegetables, fish, full fat dairy products and natural fat from meat and fish.

You are the responsible one so choose your LCHF path based on these simple rules and decide for yourself to which level you need to count. Thanks for reading all this – I thought it was important instead of just listing carbs per item.